Sandstone is my material and a mallet and sharp chisel my instruments of choice. I have spent years mastering the tool skills required to work fluently and developing the critical facilities to refine the design process. I am compelled to explore the challenges of representing the human figure. 

I have progressively gained a reputation for striking public art works and bold lettercutting. As an experienced stonemason and a direct carver of stone, I feel that sculpture is a natural progression for me. My carving style is vigorous, simple and strong and I relish the use of textural tool finishes to provide contrast. I feel that neat chisel marks enhance the finished surface. I like to see the honesty of their imprint, and rarely polish anything. I would hope that something of the pleasure I get from the process of making these cuts is apparent to the observer.



I have an enormous respect for the history and tradition of stone carving. My experience of masonry restoration has given me the opportunity to study directly, up close, some of the best architectural work anywhere. The patient, time consuming nature of the craft has offered me the chance to consider the techniques and objectives of these architects, artists and craftsmen and to put their work within an historical perspective.  Some of my particular influences and inspirations come from the skill, complexity and rich symbolism of the mediaeval, the naivety of the vernacular scottish renaissance, the style of the arts and craft movement and the simplicity of the german expressionist school. My objective is to turn out the best work that I can, distinctively my own, contemporary and yet with something of a timeless quality to it.


T: 01875 812686
M: 07714 207986